VLCD Diet Plan

VLCD Diet Plan for You

VLCD stands for Very Low Calorie Diet and is an essential part of the protocol. You must stick to the VLCD prescribed or the hCG will not work. It is a menu of foods that you eat daily which all combined will be about 500 calories a day or less.

VLCD Diet Plan

But Fear Not!

I know what you may be thinking. “I can’t bare the thought of a very low calorie diet…I’ll STARVE!”  Right? Something like that? Well, don’t worry! That’s one of the beauty’s of real hCG. You don’t starve, you don’t feel hungry, because the hCG is compensating for the few calories you eat by releasing the calories you need that are contained in the fat cells. I’ve been on very low calorie diets before and I starved! But not with this diet.

You must follow the VLCD Diet Plan  precisely…

For this diet to work you must follow it precisely. You cannot cheat and get away with it. So you need to get that out of your head right now, but truly, it is not difficult to do. When you purchase your hCG, you’ll be given information on what to eat, what the diet consists of and how to prepare the foods. When you eat the food remember that the main reasons are to keep your digestive system processing and maintain normal eating behaviour. It’s not so you can take in calories. The calories come from the stored, abnormal fat in your body.

What does a typical day look like?

The first part of the VLCD Diet Plan  is the funnest. Really. For the first two or three days, you are required toLoad Up on all the high-fat, high-calorie foods you can glom into your pie-hole. It’s true. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, it is to get rid of the sense you’re depriving yourself on this diet. Eat what you want, when you want, as much as you want. Second, it changes a number of things in your body so that the hCG will have a greater impact when you begin your diet.

Don’t worry, you won’t hang on to the weight. In fact, I lost most of what I gained even before I was on the first day of the diet, (my last loading day was foiled by stuff I had to do and I couldn’t eat like I’d planned). But it will make a difference to you when you start taking hCG so eat up and enjoy!

When you start your day you begin with a dose of real hCG under the tongue. You hold it there for 3 or more minutes and then wait 15 -20 minutes before eating or drinking anything else. If you’re like me, you’ll probably feel it going to work in about 30 minutes, like a burst of energy.

You can then have coffee or tea in any amount, no creamer but you can use Stevia or the newest sweetener Truvia to sweeten. Around mid-morning you have fruit and melba toast. I prefer 1/2 grapefruit for my fruit. You can drink all the coffee or tea you wish but you should drink as much water as you can too. At least 2 litre’s per day.

Coffee with Stevia or Truvia isn’t bad, but for my water intake, I like getting Arrowhead sparkling water and squeezing in a couple teaspoons of lemon. You can also get flavored Stevia to mix with sparkling water. It’s very close to drinking a soda if you like those. You cannot have anysoda, diet or otherwise on this protocol.

Lunch and dinners are basically the same. I eat 3.5 oz of chicken breast and about 6 oz of broccoli or asperagus. Sometimes I use salsa I make on the chicken. I’ll share that recipe if you’re interested, it’s the best salsa I’ve ever had, it’s an old mexican family recipe from friends. Just email me if you want a copy of the recipe.

It’s very important that you weigh your food when you start the diet, especially the chicken and veggies so you know what a cup and a half looks like or what 3.5oz looks like. If you need a scale to weigh food, see our Food Scale page. We have them listed for you for around $20 (or more if you like) that will show weights in oz and grams but I prefer the digital ones.

You are allowed to have the same mid-morning meal before or after dinner, depending on your schedule and what works for you. I prefer to have it after dinner, like a snack. You should make sure though you’re done eating well before bed-time. No later than 7pm. Then before bed, you take one more dose of the hCG.

I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea, I went through all the sleep studies and wound up with a cpap machine I wear at night. Before the VLCD Diet Plan, I would invariably pull the mask off during the night causing my wife to come in to wake me up so I would put it on again. After starting the hCG diet, I find I actually sleep sounder, longer and I don’t pull the mask off any more. Improved sleep is one benefit of real hCG.

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VLCD Diet Plan for You
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