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The Scarsdale Diet is very particular, since it has a unique scheduling agenda. The Scarsdale diet menu is to be followed for two weeks chunks only. In other words, one must follow the strict, low calorie intake Scarsdale diet menu for two weeks only, than stop and eat ‘normal’ without following a specific diet, resulting in a higher calorie intake than the previous two weeks but all the while keeping healthy, aka “Keep-Trim eating”, for another two weeks before going on another round of the 2 week long of the Scarsdale diet menu and so on.

Scarsdale Diet Menu

The Scarsdale Diet Plan has an amazing array of healthy nutritious foods that you can choose from. I never really thought when I was eating in an unhealthy manner that these delicious fruits could be prepared to taste just as good as unhealthy treats. It was actually a strange transition because I felt depressed every time I was eating something that was fattening and bad for me. When I would eat good healthy desserts and snacks, naturally I wanted to feel guilty after doing it for so long. Then I merely thought in my head how low calorie and vitamin rich these treats were and I felt better.

This cycle of 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off the diet menu, should be followed until one reaches the ideal body weight or targeted weight loss. These two weeks break, off the Scarsdale diet menu, are designed to allow your body to stabilize to the new weight and to keep your metabolism from stagnating.

While on the Scarsdale weight loss diet, on must drink a lot of water, a minimum of four, large, full glasses. Alcohol consumption is not allowed, and snacks are limited to carrots and celery! Pure fats such as fried food, oil, butter, as well as added sugar are also off-limits. Since, the Scarsdale diet gained its tremendous popularity in the 80’s, with the rise of the appetite suppressants pills, these pills were sometimes recommended with the diet for those who suffered from strong food cravings.

The daily breakfast meal in the Scasdale diet menu is half a grapefruit, a slice of whole wheat, high protein toast and coffee or tea. Instead of sugar, artificial sweeteners such as Equal or Splenda can be added to your coffee or tea.

Lunch on this weight loss diet is usually a fruit salad or Tuna salad, a piece of lean meat, eggs or cottage cheese. The amounts are not specified (except for eggs) and so you can eat until satisfied.

Dinner is usually high in protein, a piece of chicken, meat, tuna, fish etc…As mentioned, this diet was the first to emphasize the importance of a high protein intake and limit the carbs and fat.

If the Scarsdale diet plan is meticulously followed, one can lose up to 1 lb per day and it has been reported that many have lost around 15 lbs in the first two weeks. Now that is an impressive weight loss program even by today’s advanced standard. Moreover, the Scarsdale diet doctor claims that if you follow the diet menu to the letter you can drop up to 20lbs in 14 days! Is it a miracle? No, many before have tried and have succeeded.

Scarsdale Diet

I really think that this picture above says a thousand words about the Scarsdale Diet. I lost so much weight by merely avoiding the unhealthy foods stated in the book. The results were simply amazing, the weight came off, and I could not believe just how much I changed from feeling groggy and bad every morning. I firmly and distinctly believe that if I could lose the weight, then so can anybody else.

When I followed the healthy menu on the Scarsdale Diet plan, I could not believe how vibrant and energized I felt every single morning. Today after making this lifestyle change, I feel as though I’m ready to do anything and have a positive mental attitude rather than feeling depressed. I really can’t stress how wonderful the Scarsdale Diet has been in my life.

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Scarsdale Diet Menu
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