5 reasons to lose weight

5 reasons to lose weight

Losing weight is challenging. It isn’t something that happens over night and it requires patience, persistence and consistency with whatever route you have chosen to take to try to lose weight. Everyone has there good and bad days but one thing is important to remember: in your times of frustration or when you’re fed up, you should find weight loss motivation quotes and inspirational stories to keep you motivated throughout your “bad days” in addition to your good days.

5 reasons to lose weight

When I was in university, a friend of mine was trying to lose weight and she had a poster on her mini-fridge in her dorm room. The poster was there to encourage her to lose weight and not eat junk food. But the funny thing was, the poster wasn’t of some hot fit girl with a beach body. It was of 5 severely overweight women in bikinis. She said “I don’t want to look like that anymore. Seeing them helps me stay on track because that is the path I’m headed down if I keep eating the junk I am eating”.  We all thought she was crazy, but sure enough, 5 months later she had lost 30 pounds.

Weight loss motivation can come in all forms. Everyone has a different motivator.  So here are some of our favorite weight loss motivation quotes and reasons to workout to keep you on track as you are losing weight.

Weight Loss Motivation

Weight Loss Motivator #1 – The Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend


Okay, many people say “You shouldn’t exercise for HIM, you should exercise for YOU”. But let’s be honest, after a break-up, especially a hard one (like if your ex-partner left you for a slimmer, fitter version of you), there isn’t much stopping you from wanting to raid the fridge, live off of chocolate and Ben and Jerry’s, or replace water with wine.  Sometimes, “spiting” the ex by getting in shape can be the best thing for you.

Not because you NEED to be fitter or because you weren’t good enough for him. But because when you suffer through a break-up that perhaps was out of your control, you need to grab onto something to keep you grounded and to give you back that control.  Taking control of your fitness and workout out can be liberating.

Grab a pair of weights, head to the gym or go to the park and just RUN.  All the emotions pent up after a break-up will release the harder you work, and the benefit? A slimmer, leaner you. (And there’s nothing wrong with fantasizing about his jaw-dropping the next time he sees you wearing your new mini black dress)

#2 – The High School/Work Bully


There seems to be a theme here..  spiting someone who hurt you in the past. Maybe this is just my childhood/background, but I know I’m not alone in this.  Anyone who struggled with their weight as a child/teen (or as an adult) has probably suffered from name-calling or judgement from some form of bully. Whether that be the “popular girls” in high school, the football jock in Geography class or a snotty co-worker in the office…  The names these people say hurt and still hurts.

As a kid, I was chubby but certainly not overweight, and one boy used to taught me relentlessly about my being chubby or “fat”. Some of the names are too grotesque to write out.  It actually resulted in my gaining a bunch of weight after the fact because of stress and depression.

And I will never forget that boy seeing me 10 years later at a bar in our city (after I had lost all my weight). He asked me out. I can’t say I didn’t absolutely delight in turning him down brutally.

Sometimes when I can’t get through a workout, or when I am really craving going to eat fast food, I picture some of the bullies of my past,  I may or may not picture their faces every place I kick or punch.

#3 – Operation Bikini/Swimsuit Season


This weight loss motivator is slightly less aggressive than the first two but probably the most common.  Once October hits, the cool weather starts to come. It gets windier, it starts to snow. The jackets and sweaters and big over-sized jackets come out and it seems that all our weight loss problems slide away.  No one can see how much weight you’ve gained because all the clothes covers it up!

Of course, then Christmas comes and we begin a ton of holiday eating and drinking.  But before you know it, in the middle of spring you get a super hot day. And when you try on your t-shirts from last season, you get a startling realization that you have GAINED WEIGHT and are not prepared for the summer.

This is a emergency phenomenon known as Operation Bikini! Getting in shape for the summer is an awesome motivator for anyone.  All those girls on the beach sporting tiny bikinis and looking amazing.  Can you believe they can play volleyball and the only thing that jiggles is the ball?  This is one of my favorite motivators for staying on track, taking my skinny fiber regularly and working out.

#4 – Wedding, New Year’s, Christmas PARTY!


Losing weight before a wedding or wedding diet plans are a huge thing. I know many women who have lost up to 40 pounds prior to their wedding. It’s kind of funny.  The man of your dreams proposes to you because he loves you, just. as. you. are.  But once the wedding plans begin, the bride-to-be frantically tries to lose as much weight as possible before the big day.


Most likely because she will only get one wedding in her lifetime (fingers crossed, lol), and she wants to look like a bridal bombshell in her beautiful white gown.  And also because of the photos! The camera adds 10 pounds, and these photos will be shared and viewed for years to come, so most people want to look their best.

New Year’s Parties and Christmas Parties are another big motivator to losing weight. Especially for all the singles in the house (Hi, I’m one of them!). The excitement of going to a party during the holidays, with the snow falling outside, a warm fire and mulled wine.. it’s a perfect romantic opportunity to meet someone new and wonderful.  That is made all the easier when you feel good and proud of how you look in your red Christmas sweater dress.

#5 – Your Health,Your Life, Your Children, Your Grand-Children


Well, maybe I should have placed this reason first. Because it is the most important of all.  But it’s funny how our health, and taking precautionary measures to ensure we live a long healthy life is often the last thing that motivates us. (It’s so much easier to workout when angry over an ex, for example!)

We only get one life. And it’s up to you how you choose to spend that life.  Dealing with being overweight or obese is difficult enough as a young person, but as you get older, it becomes harder and harder to lose the weight. Your metabolism decreases, exercise becomes more difficult to do and you are less and less flexible and limber.

Being overweight can lead to an enormous amount of health problems.  Losing weight NOW can mean a longer life for you which means a longer life with your children, your future (or current) grand-children.  It also means you can play with your kids and grand kids without tiring. Enjoy going away on vacation or camping without aching every step up hill.  Make these changes now and you can enjoy a healthier, happier and LONGER life.

In Summary:

There are many reasons to lose weight. These are just 5 of them. Whatever your reason, it doesn’t matter. There is no right or wrong reason. Something has happened in your life that has lead to some sort of epiphany.  You want change. You are looking for a solution and a reason to lose weight and you want it badly.  Whether you want to get back the body of your youth, or you want to get fit for the first time in your life, you have a will to do it. And where there’s a will there’s a way.

I lost 20 pounds with the help of skinny fiber and combining that with drinking lots of water and exercising 3 times a week, I have been in the best shape of my life.  All it takes is a leap of faith and some hard work.  You are worth it.  While it truly doesn’t matter what your ex thinks or what people at work think, what DOES matter is you, your health and your family.

Getting in shape, having a stronger and leaner body will help you maintain good health for years to come and give you the energy you need to travel, enjoy activities with your family and loved ones, and live a long and healthy life.  And a the end of the day, that is the most important reason for losing weight and getting in shape.

5 reasons to lose weight
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